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sculpture artist (2002417)
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I am Wall sculpturing artist A new technique of sculpturing. Wall sculpturing art is a subject to fixed standards and measurements but here our artist has another imagination where he used thickness not exceed than one centimeter with different width and heights. Here creativity appears because it transmits the viewer to a live wall sculpturing through the reflected light on work, so it gives unreal deepness (sight Illusion). The artist used this new technique that was originated by nature since 1982 in his earliest shape until it reached spontaneously to what it is now.

Ses oeuvres
Islamic architecture
Islamic archite...
Horses struggle
Horses struggle
horses merchant
horses merchant
One in a whirlpool
One in a whirlp...
Mask of Tutankhamen
Mask of Tutankh...
Soul And Its Partner
Soul And Its Pa...
Love and tender
Love and tender

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Belle pierre
Collectif Lèse-Art
English Speaking - all art forms

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