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Image Groupe English Speaking - all art forms
English Speaking - all art forms

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A group for artists who would like to communicate in english.
Administrateur : Nikki
Type : Ouvert tous


Discussion Gnrale

Paul Beattie

Hello all. I recently finished my tiger and updated its posting here. I hope you like the many hours of finishing detail I added.
Merci/thank you.

18/05/2010 20:07

Paul Beattie

Hello Nikki. Yes back in the driving seat again.Merci

01/03/2010 10:36


Hi Paul,
Good to hear from you, are you busy on your artwork?

04/12/2009 11:04

Paul Beattie

Hello all. Not been on much as life is so busy for me at the present time. I hope you are all very well.

04/12/2009 10:27


I went and found the city impreesionnante. I hope that you will go one day, because it must be seen! I have at least a hundred photos. I made this painting from one of my photos. Thank you for welcoming me to this group, see you soon!

08/11/2009 16:20


Hello Emc,
Excuse me for not replying sooner. I've never been to New York, I'm not a great city lover but I can imagine it's tremendous and hope to go one day. I love your painting of it, you've really captured the feel.
Hope you carry on talking here on the group, speak soon!

08/11/2009 16:12


Hello Nikki,
I love the city of New York. It is a great and wonderful city. You feel small in this immensity!

08/11/2009 15:30


I love the city of New York. It is a great and wonderful city. You feel small in the immensity!

08/11/2009 15:25


This last week I went to see a fantastic art exhibiton at Barcares, near where I live, unfortunately it's finished now but I saw some of 'Artdeev' 's sculptures, his on this site, they are just so incredible in real life a photo can never quite do them justice.

17/08/2009 10:42


Sorry you'll have to copy and paste the link, but what do you think of this, are we all being sent up, it's had some pretty well written press reviews, I shall also add this conversation to the group on 'Expositions' so we can perhaps talk in French and English Http://www.dependance.be/spip.php?article82

15/07/2009 10:39


Yes it's a great community site, I would like to try and get some conversation going on this group as I have a little more time now. I thought perhaps we could chat about art that interests us, weather positive or negative, perhaps with a link to a site/image. I shall start off now and see how this goes.

15/07/2009 10:32

Paul Beattie

Hello Nikki,

Thank you for the nice welcome and comment too. This is a great site and I am happy to be apart of this community.

Merci beaucoup.

23/06/2009 19:04


Thanks for joining my group Paul, it's been a bit quiet of late :). Yes I find it hard to comment in French, but I think most people understand written English, whatever the language I think most of us enjoy a little recognition. Love your work by the way, in fact I was just about to comment on your window when I saw you'd joined this group, so I'll go and do that now.
Keep up with the french commenting it's good practice!!! :)

22/06/2009 19:44

Paul Beattie

Manners lol. Merci.

22/06/2009 14:34

Paul Beattie

Hello Nikki,

Wish I was able to speak French. This is a

good idea, an english speaking club!

22/06/2009 14:33

jean broze

Ih nikk one night en1965 on a country road a man made me sign to stop my car the rain fell so hard and he looked like a pinguin with a walet i ask me the road for the airport in one a dialect boer I answered him in a mix dutch, English, and german! That it was mor than 80miles! I brought him at my apartement after has supper he says to me professor of philosphie lost since 8heures I transport im to the aeroport and counterpart 30ans ons' is written but i'l cuold never visist my freindfrom johanessbourg

05/03/2009 15:55


Hi Jean,
Thanks for the message, did you ever go to Johannesburg? I'm sorry to hear you've lost touch with your friends, maybe you could do an internet search.
I really do like your paintings, your use of light especially. I am going to post a painting (in this group)I did of a village street at night, I would appreciate your ideas on it.
Hope we speak again soon, it's so much easier for me in English :)

05/03/2009 08:57


Well there doesn't seem to be much happening on this group, although we have a lot more artwork and artists on the site, I've decided to leave comments in English and French, because sometimes I can't explain myself as well as I'd like to in French. If anyone would like to start a discussion on any subject feel free!! If I start one will anyone join in?? :)

22/09/2008 09:52


Welcome to the Group Wela, great to see your artwork on the site. You must be very well known as you seem to have been commissioned a few times :), I'm just an amateur artist but love it.
Well tell us a little about yourself here...

22/08/2008 17:07


Welcome to this group Artdeev, feel free to add as many photos as you want and let us know something about yourself.

03/08/2008 12:44


I like the image you posted, looking through wild nature towards the jungle of the city, nice idea! It reminds me of your other photo where you split the sky and city in two by using the balcony railings. Yes I'll post another image now :)

31/07/2008 17:23


Ok Nikki I post one image more and now you post another one :)

31/07/2008 10:20


Hi Artgnangnan, glad you enjoy english. I'm South African by birth, now living in France. Thanks for posting an image, the mroe the better. There's also another group I've joined for travel photos, so if you've any post some there too! :)

27/07/2008 16:57


Hello Nikki, I'm French but I've been living in England for one year...I like this language a lot. I'll try to put some images here :)

26/07/2008 21:28


Thank you Artgnangnan, are you English or do you just enjoy the language, please add some of your lovely work to this group, it would be good to see more pictures than just mine :)

22/07/2008 21:44


Hello Nikki, this group is a good idea

19/07/2008 17:16


Feel free to add your artwork and comment.

04/07/2008 12:55


Just because sometimes I'm a little lazy in french.

04/07/2008 12:05

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