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Profil : gianni bonincontro
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Ville: Londres
Code postal: w7 1ep
Site Web: www.giannibonincontro.com


Gianni Bonincontro was born in Tripoli, Libya on the 7th of November in 1958 and could be defined a 360 degree self-taught artist, versatile, delicate but incisive.
His first contact with the planet art was with the music, in fact since young he took piano lessons that unfortunately interrupts at the age of 12.
Later he started to play percussion and once in London, in 2001 he began to play with his first band and others as a band member or as collaborator. But all this doesn't distract him from his passion to write, in 2005 he won first prize to a literacy contest in Rome.
Motivated by this result he began to write a romance " Gog and Magog" that was published in Italy in 2006, while in the years to follow he won different prizes in literacy competition's both in Italy, England and France.
But for him all of this was not enough, so left the music world and as passionate both of photography and painting, he devoted himelf to the camera, the brushes and the colours finding one form of his own expression in the cubist and abstract painting.
As a photographer he like's to play with the natural light and adores black and white. Between his work you can find from a beautiful sunset to a naked woman, from a simple flower to an intense expression of a human face. But is with his digital art that he hits the eyes of who is looking for something unusual and to remain bewitched from the delicacy of the colors and the softness of the abstract forms.
In 2007 he created "@rtItaliaPromos" a project born in order to promote every kind of Italian artists outside their national borders in collaboration with some art gallery in London.
Today Gianni artistically divides him among his freelance job as art promoter, writer, painter and photographer.



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